Eight BB Naija Housemates Up For Possible Eviction, Fake Housemates Evicted.

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Big Brother Naija took different dimension last night as Eight housemates were nominated up for possible eviction.
The housemates where asked to pick an envelop from the already laid down thirty envelopes presented before them.

BBN fake housemates
And all of them ended up picking the envelopes that announced their nominations.
So all the eight housemates are up for nomination except Bisola and Bally who were isolated and biggy said they are on holiday.

However, tomorrow will be the head of house game and the winner automatically, gets immunity from eviction.
Moreso, the two BBN fake housemates who joined the Big Brother show two weeks ago have Left the show as they have completed the task they were sent to the house to accomplish.
The BBN fake housemates, Efe and Jon joined the Big Brother show during the second eviction, 21 days into the show.
BBN second eviction saw new two fake housemates, JON OGAH the winner of Glo Naija Sings 2009 and 23-year-old and ESE a beauty queen and comedian.
The BBN fake housemates entered to cause confusion in the house and the two new housemates were not in the house for votes but to just cause drama in the show.nfusion in the house and the two new housemates were not in the house for votes but to just cause drama in the show.
When Jon was asked his targeted housemates he mentioned Bally, Tboss and Gift stressing that Gifty talks too much. while Uriel was Ese’s target, she stated that Uriel is too comfortable in the house that she needs to be ‘gingered’
However, the first housemates to be sent to the arena were Ese and Bally.
Thereafter, host Ebuka crossed over to the Big Brother Naija house where Jon and Bisola were also asked to move over to the arena.
At the arena, Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka first announced the eviction of Ese, Then Jon’s.
Bally was full of surprise when it was announced that ESE and Jon should leave the Big Brother show, while Bisola could not help but cried her eyeballs out.
Back on the stage, the BBN fake housemates were asked their experiences in the house and what they would have done differently.
Jon was asked why he picked Tboss instead of Bally he had in mind when he entered the show, and he confessed that “Tboss saw me as her younger brother” while ESE said he focused on Tboss still, instead of Uriel, because Tboos is too picky, adding that she hates such person because it pisses her off.
Asked if she sees herself being friends with Tboss outside the Big Brother Naija show, she said “I don’t know if she will accept me as her friend, but for me, I’m a very free person”.


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