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Former Apprentice Star Reveals How Producers Go For Contestants ‘looks’

Oh my world! If what I’m hearing about The Apprentice UKThe Apprentice UK: The Game, The Boardroom, The Winners. Read more ... » show is really true, is very worrisome.
Nick Hewer who was a former “ApprenticeI'm Not Officially Together With Jessica Cunningham, Says The Apprentice's Courtney Wood. Read more ... »” star has made a disheartening revelation which is not good for the British popular business reality showRussian Reality TV 'Hunger Games' Approves Rape, Murder: See Requirements For Participants. Read more ... ».

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He alleged that the producers of the Apprentice reality show wanted Lord Sugar to keep contestants in the process longer because of their looks.

Honestly, this is not good mostly as it is coming from Hewer who spent a reasonable number of years in the show.
Nick while interacting with The Sun recalled a conversation between him and the owner of the show- Lord ( Alan) Sugar

He said “I say to him, ‘Oh, by the way Alan, the blonde: he or she is as thick as a fridge door, and I urge you with every fiber of your being, get rid of them, because they’re going to let you down’.
“And the producers will say, ‘Do you think you could find it in your heart to not get rid of the blonde just yet?’ He will say, ‘The blonde will go when the blonde deserves to go’.”
Hewer also said “There was a time when all the young ladies who came wore black pencil skirts and very high heels, with their hair done up in a chignon.
“You might say, ‘Are these the brightest people with the best prospects?’, and I would say, ‘No, not necessarily’.”
On the need for doing so he added
“If you really got the brightest kids the danger is that no-one would understand what they’re doing.
“It’s all about the viewers. If you don’t deliver the numbers, you’re out. Which is why it’s been running now for 12 years.”
Although, The Sun also got the reaction of the show and they released a statement which reads thus:
“All firing decisions throughout The Apprentice are down to Lord Sugar’s own judgment, and solely based on his opinion about who he believes should be fired after every task.”
“The Apprentice is a serious business reality series; the winner will be in partnership with Lord Sugar and therefore needs to have the relevant credentials.
“References are checked for business and education credentials and a business consultant is involved at audition stages.
“In addition to this, Lord Sugar sees the CVs during the final selection process. To say that candidates are chosen purely for their looks or single lines on their CV is not true.”
Nick Hewer is a household name as far as the television reality show -The Apprentice is concerned.
He was one of Lord (Alan) Sugar’s most trusted man and stayed in the show for ten years before leaving in 2014.
Well, we just hope that this issue is resolved urgently before it gains root.

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